Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's a coat made of skin
it's totally a coat made of skin
how can that guy get away with that?
is this the society that we live in?
where a man can just wear a coat made of skin
out in public?

it's not like he's even being subtle about it
he's damn near flaunting it
and i hate to belabour the point
but come on
it's a coat made of skin

i won't talk about his odd haircut
like a mohawk
but just on the back of his head
or his goatee on the front
like a front/back symmetry
that may be the frightening type
but not nearly as frightening as
well, y'know

or his dog, which may or may not
be the dog from some non-cujo
stephen king novella

or his girlfriend, who may or may not
be the girl from some fever dream
where you end up falling asleep
on a couch in a public place

i guess what i'm trying to say
and let's be blunt
is let's all just have a little modesty
and stop terrifying people
with your coat made of skin

yours in christ,
the guy you scared at the coffee shop

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