Sunday, February 6, 2011

aw dream girl
you went offline
what a shame
a missed moment
to shout things
and feel like
well, there's shouting
shouting must mean
i'm worth of
a little time
and time, well
time is great
i'll take time
to take abuse
which is silly
but then, well
i did decide
to go outside
have a smoke
play it cool
like the aquabats
in that song
playing it cool
which i guess
sums up me
if you give it
just one listen
think you'll here
me being me
through being cool
like two other
songs i like
devo and jawbreaker
i'm so bad
at writing poems
wait a second
wasn't this blog
meant to ha-ha
the shitty poetry
that permeates blogs
throughout the internet
and now what
now i'm writing
serious garbage?

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