Monday, April 25, 2011

four: snow and rain and a spiderweb on my face at the end
five: the bike comes out and i look for work that would come if i looked harder
six: keep trying, but i'm distracted by how poorly these shirts all fit
seven: the disgraceful routine of sleeping late and feeling bad about it
eight: five in the morning and the grass is wet and i should sleep
nine: i will be doing this until i am a real, card-carrying grown-up
ten: a thousand costumes; it's worth it to stay up late for the great pumpkin
eleven: when will the real snow come?
twelve: the days aren't really that short at all, and the house is claustrophobic
one: this is the year of our lord and saviour jesus shame
two: the cold will never let up and i swear at it when i think no one is watching
three: everyone is born, and i have nothing for them

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