Saturday, May 14, 2011

holy moses, other poets
other poets know it
i do not

i thought i could write poetry
stick to writing in panels, sweetie
stick to making disposable humour
that stays well past its expiration date

who was i kidding?
why would i do such a thing on a whim?
the impulse buy of website creation
it's a skor bar and a bunch of horoscopes
but, you know how we are

isn't poetry supposed to be deeply personal?
don't you just write horrible things instead?
horrible as in cruel, not as in an affront on the senses
you do that too

hey, you do both
wait, wait


that's the point?
awful things?
just, the worst?
oh noetry, and all that?
things that would make a vogon stand up and say "i'm going to sit back down, now"?

oh, okay
glad we got that sorted out
updates wednesday and friday, folks
give us a kiss

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