Monday, April 23, 2018

I'm sitting in my car in my driveway
Because I think that when I get out of my car and go into my house
There will be more day happening
And I am not mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually
(all four, I remembered all four!)
Prepared for more day to happen right now
The longer I sit in my car in my driveway
The more the chances increase
That my daughter comes to the window and notices me there
And texts and asks me why I am doing what I am doing
And saying "I am tired, I am trying to have a moment to not exist"
Is a difficult thing to say to anyone
least of all a legal dependant
Or that my landlord who lives below me
And is not home right now
Pulls into the driveway next to me
And wants to talk about something that is a thing
And I am no-thing-een
And any words to a human being right now will break the spell
What I would like to do most of all is nothing
But I'm sorta damned if I do, et ceterra
And I have to pee

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