Thursday, February 25, 2016

Summer Nights!

I want it to be hot, muggy, the air thick and smelling like how Mississauga smells in my memory, like there are pools everywhere

I want to be outside and sticky and not worried about a coat, and to be on my third t-shirt of the day, walking

I want to walk until I need (NEED) to sit down on a curb for, just, like, five minutes, maybe seven, and to have the optiom to do that

4% battery holding out until I'm almost home so that I have to sing to myself for entertainment the last little bit

Don't fall asleep until 5:30 am, pantlegs wet with dew, please be dew

Wake up already warm, thirsty

I'm already sick of the sun, but I'll miss it in January

Just like I miss lots of things that I don't appreciate at the timeHEY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SUMMER HERE

Gonna walk a flask on down to the corner store and make a hobo colada at the slurpee machine

I want to listen to crickets, walk next to a skunk, worry when I see teenagers that are probably worried when they see me

Watch the sunrise from the other side of a wall in bed and be thankful for summer fucking nights

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