Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tweets from the bus

"Let's get this terrible party started"
Plays just as the last bus pulls up
That's funny

Eight guys, two girls
One trans?  Drag queen?  Does it especially matter?
Oh, I suppose not

There goes one of the girls, off the bus
Bar was nice
Caddyshack was on
Sknny brian doyle murray is weird to see

The other girl got off the bus at the graveyard
Maybe she works at lu radio
I mean, lu radio is right there
No, she is going into the graveyard

Her head keeps swivelling so that her gaze meets mine
Which is strange, because there are several buildings separating our hypothetical gazes

But I can still feel it, and feelings never lie

Also, heads shouldn't swivel quite that far

Oh, she says to come and bring blood
Sorry, typo: beer
She says that she said beer, not blood

I heard blood, but whatever
Weird that I heard it in my fillings

Going to the graveyard to graveyard fuck, I guess
Will send the deets later

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